Sunday, April 01, 2007

it's all fucked

Born born die
Born born die
What hope can we have?
Born born die
Born born die
What happened to moderation?
Born born die
Born born die
Just how long can this go on?
Born born die
Born born die

Bring forth Pestilence
Bring forth War
Bring forth Famine
Bring forth Death
And let’s be done with it.


etain_lavena said...

lets get phyco, give in and decide...tired of being a boring little bitch born to die and alive to pull a trigger.

Chris said...

Another cheery piece!

Am I right in saying that the hidden message is probably general optimism that humanity will flourish and ultimately find redemption, possibly through the grace of Lord Jesus?

Or not?

Sometimes I struggle with poetry.

Inconsequential said...

kinda right chris...except for the god bit...the biblical reference is merely something just about everyone will understand...
the rape of the world creating famine and or pestilence
human nature being what it is, violent, equates to the red guy...
and of course my old mate Mr D on his fine pale charger is in all theologies, maybe not on his horse, but present anyway.

too many people, breeding too fast, it's all fucked up...of course, you could argue that the resources available are more than enough to go round, but then as humans we waste most of it, and hog the rest in unfair measure...
hmm, maybe I should just wish for america the greatest greedy one to end...but people being people, some other group/nation whatever will fill the vacuum...

so bollox to it all, give the rats and cockroaches a turn...
rid this world of this virulent plague called man.

Anyway, glad you visited, long time no see :)

Chris said...

Oh well, you know, I nip by occasionally! I don't always comment as I am intimidated by the knowledgeable nature of your audience.

I am a simple man. About as deep as one of the graves dug by the protagonists in your poems.

Although I am a dab hand at a simile on occasion.

ish said...

The full horror of man is only worth mentioning because of the other side - the wonder of man. The astonishment that surrounds of which we are "monstrously ungrateful". (Dostoevsky)

Inconsequential said...

Ish - but all of mans deeds are nothing compared to nature. We mimic, but poorly. Anything we proclaim to be better, well, it's purely our own conceited opinion.

Chris, don't be so self depreciating, especially as most of my protagonists don't even dig a grave, no traditional 6 foot under, and barely a shallow one amongst them. You go much deeper that that :)