Monday, April 23, 2007

my lung collapsed
thursday afternoon
it hurt

im stuck in hospital with inadequet net
that costs too much

so ill write when/if i ever get out




stu said...

So for once the rumours were true!
Although this time they suck.
Still, I'm glad to see that you're well enough to post us a quick update.

Get well soon. I'd send grapes, but Andy would eat them all before they got to you.

Pod said...

oh no!! rest up mickle! all will be well soon. hope the food isn't too revolting!! ;0p

ish said...

Miss your posts a lot. Don't take any short cuts in recovery.
You are in my prayers ... if you'll allow.

etain_lavena said...

NO NO NO.....thats terrible Mikle...I was thinking about you so much, but with my shit connection I could not go or get anywhere.....mails or blogs...and I missed you so.....please get well soon...I dont know if I will bla bla before I leave for London...but please take care...when I get in cyberspace I will imediatly come check on you...maybe if your home and better mail me please....ok now I am just sounding like those annoying ppl....I just care...put sock in mouth...get better soon:)

Rose said...

Dearest M,

I hope you are ok. How on earth did that happen? I don't know what to say. Just sending big wishes of get well soon and virtual hugs. Oh goodness. Let me know if there is anything, anything you need. Pleasexxx


Rxx said...

I remember a time when I visited you every day in hospital. Can you remember that? I just had a real memory surge then. It used to take three hours on the bus. I'll come on the virtual bus and bring some books. Oh, I really hope you are ok. Take care and be safe. Make sure you let us know if you need anything.

Chris said...


That wasn't just a poem. Was it?

BlueWolfess said...

OMG Min...
Oh I'm so sorry, I hope for your quick recovery..wishes for mrs.Min and lil min too...::sending virtual texas BBQ -long distance take away::makes you feel better:)
I was worried you hadn't visited for awhile , and came to check...

Sherry Snowdrop said...

Blimey! How did I miss this?

I hope you are feeling better now.

Hope you are recovering nicely otherwise.