Monday, May 21, 2007

Job and Knock

All done and dusted

Except we never dust

Rarely sweep

A chance to sit

Staff gone

Next shift not arrived

Waiting to hand over

A chance to reflect

A moment of self

Hope they’re early

I’m bored now…


cocaine jesus said...

you have staff?

Inconsequential said...

yes, doesn't everyone?

Dem said...

I once had a story where Jesus was trying to park in a carpark with a sign saying 'STAFF ONLY' and the attendant was refusing him entry and Jesus was arguing '...but I am staff - I'm the staff of life!'

Echo said...

Those are the moments I love. Noone there everyone gone. You could go push all the computers off the desks, climb in the car and drive away and noone would ever know who did it.