Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quitter III - aka A position I'd almost trade...

White washed wall

Pitted and pocked

Thick wooden post

Just in front

A man stands

Tall and proud

Arms behind back

And firmly tied

Around that post

Another holds cigarette

To his lips

Black sack hood

Tucked under arm


floots said...

not sure i'd trade
but i admire the sang-froid

Clockworkchris said...

You lost me on this-maybe an execution. The words just caught me. Especially the "black sack hood"

Inconsequential said...

Yes Chris, man about to be shot.
Last Ciggy...

It's because i'm obsessing about smoking having quit but a short while ago...

I'm sure i'll end up doing a few more smoking related ones...

Thanks for the comments btw.