Monday, May 07, 2007

The week that wasn’t

Watching flesh

Watching needle puncture flesh

Feel needle, watch flesh, feel flesh

See blood, my blood

My flesh needle blood


I dreamed a dream of déjà vu

Only to wake and find it true


It’s the shiny white one

Which tablet?


Laying on crisp white sheets

Dressed in combats black

A tube from lung

Preventing any action


It’s the shiny white one

Which tablet?


Patients with patience

Those who have been, seen, done

The whole routine

No point rushing

Or hurrying staff


They swarm

Those white clad ones

Some with red bits

Some with blue

But they still swarm


It’s the shiny white one

Which tablet?


Death suspends tea service

It’s a matter of priority


So no biscuit either

For a while


And why is the fat fuck here?

With their extensive knowledge of food

Of additives – fat – sugar – salt levels

So why are they here?

Scooting round like a shelled dalek

Mumbling fatitudes

To all who don’t want to listen

Squeezed tires protesting

At every turn of the wheel

Such knowledge smothered in ignorance

Must be their glands


Which tablet?


It’s the shiny white one

Which tablet?


Of all the places

For the dark to rise again

Seething hatred for man kindred

Laying amongst whining suffering

My soulless heart lashes in silence

A phrase reverberates

They shoot horses…


Centre of their own universes

Each one, be all and end all

Vying for limited resources

Loudest gets most

From the swarm


A stereotype! No! Really?

Yes, a stereotype – the gay/camp

Male nurse


Ok ok

It’s the shiny white one

Thank you


Let me out



ish said...

Sounds like a hospital, inc. I thought you were home. Or is the poem recollection? Those hospital people are not showing up too well.

Inconsequential said...

yup, i'm home
and back to work even.

This is my recollection of the whole weeks events...

well, some of them, some of the stuff just wouldn't work as words, you'd have to see them...

To be honest, the staff were ok, as were 90% of the sick folk.
but those 10% really piss me off and spoil the whole thing for everyone...

cocaine jesus said...

i had eight people die when i was in.

Pod said...

how dare death prevent bikkies??
hope you're doing ok