Saturday, June 09, 2007



But not living

Performing routines

Day in day out



Rat race runner

Drudge and grind

Disposable replaceable







stu said...

Mickle. you sound even more depressed than usual.

To quote Radiohead;

I'm not living, I'm just killing time.


Inconsequential said...

even this is secondhand :(

not writing, just rehashing.

oh, and there's no c in mikle

Inconsequential said...

guess i should call it a day

ish said...

Inc., as always I value the honesty in your poems. It is so de rigour to mask the emptiness/meaninglessness with hedonism and other forms of denial. With you, the raw truth. Thank you. Genuine joy (what an unlikely word for contemporary lips) in relationship imbues even the most mundane and tedious task with hope. You already know what I might suggest as the ultimate relationship … and in it a rejection of the poverty of spirit you tell.

aria said...

Most of us live like that .. those lines reveal resonant truths about common human condition .. lovely ..

Inconsequential said...

Selling my soul isn't an option Ish.
Though as always I appreciate your concern :)

It's odd, I was mentally on a high when writing this.
Happy with my lot in life.

strange how it all works...
don't any of you say mysterious ways!



ish said...

Don't ever sell your soul. :-)

Pod said...

the point is love
(and cheese)