Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Love you too

You say “Don't do this, don't do that”

You say “Look at me I'm talking to you”
You say “Don't speak with food in your mouth”
You say “Don't use that tone to me”

You say “Don't ever talk back”
You say “You're just too young to know
and when you're older you'll understand”

I say

“Don’t you talk to me like that,

You’re not my ward of state

Just my biological parent

You don’t sort out my wellbeing,

Safety and comfort -

Just your own selfish desires -

You discarded me

A two hour visit each week

Gives you no rights”


Pat Paulk said...

wow!! Good point from the child's point of view.

aria said...

When I read the first para, I had a smile but after reading the second, I'm speechless.

Inconsequential said...

Thanks Pat. Your visits and comments are always apreciated.

I'm curious as to why an adults rant at a child would make you smile...every time i catch myself saying any of the cliche type phrases to my daughter, i cringe inside and despair, and then still do it again another day...I try so very hard not to use negative reinforcement to correct her ways, and wonder if i should correct at all...

oops...heading off into rant mode.
sorry, wasn't having a go, just curious as to how you read the piece, smiling was a long way from my intention :)

aria said...

my dad & mom often say some of those things to me

“You're just too young to know
and when you're older you'll understand”

That's my mother's favorite dialogue (though I'm in 20s)
somehow it always makes me smile when they use those cliched phrases. Probably coz I'm anything but a child and I'd been hearing all this, all my life :)

But of course, that was only till the first part .. @ smile. Sorry about that. I just said whatever came to mind then & there..I didn't know where it was heading. The 2nd part is something I can't relate to personally but can feel the pain expressed in those words.. it's actually profound .. and then the first part sounds different ..

Inconsequential said...

Aria - Thank you.

How I read/write the pieces is never how people read 'em :)
Some times I like to know what people read/heard in the words...

BlueWolfess said...

stark, bitter spotlights...