Friday, August 17, 2007


There are people
Shouting in the street below

No, wait,

There is shouting in the street below
Violent tinge to drunken bustle

No, wait,

Animals from the watering hole
Bellow and tussle…


Alok said...

very strong ...... amazing transition of diffrent facets of "evolved" human "beings"


ur piece answers this aptly


Pod said...

there are often many a rare specie outside my bedroom window of an eve! the most commonly found (and most annoying)is the drunken irishfolksingia...

sorry for quietness inco! i have been busy with courses. hope all is well with your respirtory system?

aria said...

The sight of animals bellowing and tussling is rare but the former sight is more common these days..

cocaine jesus said...

resist that urge i say.

etain_lavena said...

Am I in Africa again;)

ish said...

This is a superb piece, inc. Do we act according to what we come to believe we are? I hope you are looking into publishing some of this.