Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Life

Harsh world
Maturities bane
Innocence spoilt
Fading dreams
Better then
To leave
Earlier on
After prelude
Than wait
Around for
Main feature
Classic tag-line
The lucky
Died first
Applied to


Inconsequential said...

hmm, not happy with prelude...any other offers?

Pat Paulk said...

I think it works fine with the overall metaphor. I think I'll hang around til after the show.

Ruela said...


ish said...

I'm with pat paulk on this one. I'd hate to have bailed out at the angst agony of youth. I'd have missed so much, especially the delight that is sometimes bought with tedium and discomfort.

Inconsequential said...

Hmmm, was hoping to 'bail' before the angst.

To have known only innocence...

aria said...

It could just be an interlude and might delude the prelude..