Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today I die
That’s it.
Nothing to be down about
Nothing to fret about
Life ends.
Everything dies
And today it is I.
But tomorrow…
Ah tomorrow…


ish said...

Does tomorrow suggest an unvisited possibility?

Inconsequential said...

Indeed, an acceptance of what has been, and a hope for something other than oblivion...

Or an acceptance of what has been, and an acceptance of returning to the soil, becoming food, rather than merely feeding, giving back, a little of what was wrested from the soil. The possibilities of what you might in time become part of, even if you're never aware of it...


It's a choice thing...isn't it?

ish said...

Ah indeed, I'm sure you're right, I think it is a choice thing.

etain_lavena said...

tommorow can be you....:)

very good as always:)

aria said...

Our religious texts say, only body dies .. the soul transmigrates .. one life ends today and tomorrow you are born again .. :)