Monday, October 01, 2007

Further Exposure

Figures of light and dark - these two are walking
To watch me watch drowned snow lift from the lake.
Figures of light and dark…
They’re returning to a town
Rattling, gasping its last.
Your blank slate, you’re black on white,
To run, as in apoideas’ time of seeking
Down the road, at Cypress Gardens, a woman
Snowflakes are swirling - boiling out
Winged winds, captives of that age-old foe
Dim, and die tonight
I think fifty six was a killer.
That last day, endless and genderless,
To listen, by a sputtering, smoking fire,
To matter, for flushed boys are muscular
My mind groping in mud
Blotting out -
Scrawny wolves, and you,
Clear-voiced despite its years,
It's snowing, it's returning to a town
Strong, eloquent—
Dismal, endless plain—
Centimetres—that height of canvas
Your impenetrable wasteland,
I know,
Snow haze gleams like sand.
And still,
It's snowing, drowned snow
Now I figure you for one of them
Of light and dark
Pallid waste, rattling, gasping its last
Returning to a town

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