Thursday, November 15, 2007


Lying back
Eyes firmly closed
Scent came first
Wood-smoke and coal
Followed by
A pop and hiss
Of boiling sap
Roaring fire in an old hearth
Filling this room with
Light and warmth
That soft sheepskin rug
Pitted with ember burns
And those two soft deep armchairs
Big enough to curl up in and sink a foot or so…

That other chair swamping a girl
Coy blonde
With ready smile
Soft skin
Ultramarine eyes
Intelligent dry wit
She sits and watches
Flickering flames
Glancing occasionally across…

Eyes flicker open
To see
Damp walls
Cracked windows
Piss and vomit stained mattress
Pitted by
Hot rocks from an opium pipe…


Clockworkchris said...

Absolutely beautiful, and the type topic I can REALLY relate to. Didn't take me ten minutes to read, but it wasn't a waste at all. I didn't realize how much I missed your writing until just now. I am never online now-a-days, but I will be by again as soon as I am. You have so much new stuff to read. Thanks for humoring me on the game.

aria said...

Its quite a visual poem.. I could picture 'her' and the last para jolts beyond words ..