Saturday, November 24, 2007


How I loath you
Mindless masses
I despair of you
Self centred thoughtless existence
Thinking of others only for self
Never willing to alter
Never wanting to evolve
Mud men clogging life’s paths
Staining the fibres of moral folk
Dragging it all down to your level
Mechanical outrages for hollow causes
Salt of the earth – we know what salt does
When sprinkled on fields – it poisons.
Subculture sub-cultural, uncouth.
Mindless masses
How I loath you.


ish said...

"Subculture sub-cultural" is evocative word play.

Inconsequential said...

Exasperation... fleeting misanthropy.
Christmas crowds, consuming en-mass, I should have stayed home instead of swimming those seas.
Bitter taste remained until I spat it out on paper…

ish said...

poetry as catharsis: valid usage. :-)