Sunday, November 04, 2007


Silvery flash in dawning sky
As humble pigeon flutters by
Nothing sustains
Barbed wire bandages
Wrapped around my eyes
Every start – drained
Leeched by ennui
I have fists
But no voice
Soaked in apathy
Driven by lethargy
In this forest
Each time I fall
Will a sound be heard
Now I am merely
One hand clapping
I’m old bubble-gum
Under your invisible friends shoe
I just want to sleep
Never to wake
My lumberjack
Walks away with
Ne’er a backward glance


ish said...

Strong coherent sweep to the poem. The lumberjack, who initiates the fall I presume: Is it you? An enemy? An indifferent other?

Inconsequential said...

I was aiming for ex-lover :)
And the distracted turmoil of being dumped...Futile pursuit and impotent anger...

Though I suspect I got carried away with a few bits.

aria said...

"I’m old bubble-gum
Under your invisible friends shoe"

I loved this line :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie said...

This is an interesting poem!