Saturday, December 01, 2007


Tick-tick ticking
Clock in my head
Tick-tick twitch
My stuttering eye
Tick-tick pulse
Vein at my temple
Tick-tick ticking
Clock in my head
Tick-tick tick



ish said...

A beauty inc! Explosive little human cameo.

aria said...

Many images of unlived lives, unrealized dreams and unanswered cries surface in the somber tone of 'tick tick'..

Inconsequential said...

Thanks Ish :)
It's very quiet over on your blog...You OK? I keep popping in for a read, hoping...
Anyway, all the best, and thanks for the visits, we really must discuss 'things' again at some point, though I'm quite sporadic at the moment, that silly old 'real' world takes a lot of my time just now.


Anonymous said...

Perfect. A lot of your writing seems to be in the great control over timing. Great control over the mind moment in the readers head, using rhythm and sound to get them, hold them, and then give them the little mind explosion reward. mesmer magic mind poems, very cool,