Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eye camera

Snapshots of lives
Drive by visions -
Lady reaching through
Part open door
Fully extended for daily milk -
Gentleman’s brisk stroll, 20 yards
To paper shop, to be
Given opinion in tabloid form -
Man in doorway, cigarette plumes
Wafting off in morning breeze
Crumpled special brew at his feet
Raging harridan in room beyond -
Snapshots of lives
Gone, gone, gone
Visions driven by.


Middle Ditch said...

The things the eyes see when traveling. Lovely images.

ish said...

All the layered intersecting vignettes of peoples lives, and here the utterly banal raised to someting other by your lines of verse. I think of how amber is formed and the content it 'freezes' in time. I remember someone years ago expounding on how an imprint of all sound is embedded in the molecular structure of surrounding surfaces to be decoded by yet unimagined technology. Watch what you say.:-)