Friday, February 15, 2008

Do not disturb

Heavy lids and fogged mind
Slow descent to a better place
Wrapped and snuggled
With fogged mind and heavy lids

To be brought
So sharply back
Whiplash waking
That upright bolt

To reach out and grasp
Liquid painkiller; gasping guzzle
And settle once more
To drift again, down down down

Wakened again - a whiplash bolt
As tiny teeth nip and nibble
Within a rag and cardboard nest
Rat infested home on derelict street


UL said...

eek! ...I am screaming!

shammi said...

Wow, talk about dark... you really know how to engage the imagination of the reader! So GLAD to have come across your blog.

Lilibeth said...

I was thinking morphine...not rats, but it helped me get the "liquid painkiller".

aria said...

it was quite 'disturbing'..:|

paisley said...

i too was thinking junkie... till the last line... very well done....

anthonynorth said...

A poem that crawls into your mind and infests it.
Very well done.

tumblewords said...

Oh! Rats. Ohmigawd. That's one scary poem very well written!

Heather Kathleen said...

i liked it. alot. i found it very moving...but then that's me. :)

Novel Nymph said...

what a dark place...i would not disturb...


gautami tripathy said...

I like the way you do dark pieces. Best part about your work is you do not dwell on self pity.

snooze time, baby!

Ruela said...

v. dark