Friday, February 08, 2008

It’s for the best

Leaden feet, lead on
Lead on
Clump sullenly, senselessly
Down rickety creaking stairs
Drag shoulder and elbow jarringly
Past flaky painted doorframe
Thrown momentarily askew
Muffled stomp along carpeted hallway
And out through that thick
Heavy Victorian door
A two step garden
Brush by barely hanging gate
One step across suburban pavement
Over curb-stone into road
To stop midway
And lay ones weary head
It’s for the best.


aria said...

whats amazing yet again is the visual effect of your words.. and they may seem complex but at the same time they unfold naturally and simply .. the last three lines have such a lingering affect.. you know ..demons are everywhere and all pervading...

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it beautifully...nice reading!

Middle Ditch said...

A beautiful read. I used to write poetry (not that good) and had a few pamphlets published. My husband is a brilliant poet though. I have the link to his promotional video of his new book 'Man In Black'.
You'll like it. I'm sure it's just your cup of tea.