Monday, May 12, 2008


I’m sorry
For tipping water over
That scribbled picture
You spent hours drawing
It wasn’t an accident

I’m sorry
For throwing mud on
Your Sunday best
And getting your day out cancelled
It was purposely done

I’m sorry
Your favourite doll vanished
She’s in our pond
With rope and rock
Better a doll than you

I’m sorry
About your kitten lost
She’s hidden under your bedroom floor
Sealed in Tupperware…
I had no choice

I’m sorry
So sorry
But they won’t shut up
They won’t be silent
They’re whispering your name…


aria said...

the third stanza about the doll made me cringe.. I'm at loss for words.. I so often am when I read you ..

shammi said...

Yiiiiikes! ALL of it was scary...