Friday, May 16, 2008

Place to go

It turned out
That Earth is flat
And my spirit level
A state I can
Deal with
For horizons are
A limit to see to
A target to strive for
And a level fellow
Can walk those paths
Walk those paths
Until feet are sore
And that horizon
Is no closer
Wrap myself in
Frenzied optimism
An opaque bubble
Self worth and hope
Lifted up wafted on
Soaring forth horizon bound
That goal, that flat line
I see so far, never nearer
Never nearer.
Never nearer.
I wonder why…
I wonder why I bother
And so
My bubble burst
My esteem escapes
Soar no more…
...That place
I saw
That place
I sought...
It comes to me.


shammi said...

If ONLY I could write like this... say so much, imply so much in so few words. Gorgeous!

ish said...

Maybe it comes to you because our deeds are, as Czeslaw Milosz says "imperishable".

Inconsequential said...

Shammi, Ish - I'd love to know what you see in this piece...

and Ish, I shall now have to look up Czeslaw Milosz!!! :)

As always, a pleasure to hear from you.

Granny Smith said...

"That place I saw..." This seems immeasurably sad. Am I interpreting it correctly?

Inconsequential said...

GS - :) Yes, those still travelling would find it sad...

Well, some would, this world is full of diverse types, which can only be good...


gautami tripathy said...

We do need to walk those paths. In order see all sides. Flat or not.

This is kind of melancholic. Thats how I saw it.

ah, the anticipation

aria said...

I see a dead end.. :|
perhaps coz they tell me I'm a pessimist ..

anyway, nice one as usual ..

shammi said...

Hmm... I saw it as a sort of self-realisation - that sometimes if you just stand still and stop the futile chase, whatever you're running after will come to you. But that's just my take on it :)

ish said...

Is it about measuring oneself against a unattainable constant?

Crafty Green Poet said...

I really like the first stanza and I like shammi's comment - that's how I'd read your words too.

texasblu said...

How fun - people chatting about the interpretation of your poem - what a compliment!

I thought it had a melancholy feel myself, although in the end, it was attained - but only after the bubble burst and self esteem was lost. I am curious why it had to go so far?