Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Watching them walk past
Old, young, exotic and plain
Sitting and watching
With a box of insects in my hands
And lizards licking my feet
Watching them walk past



Eminently scything yesterday


Expunge negligible onus

Misinterpret camaraderie coercion
Espouse command decision

Watching them walk past
Columns of old,
Of young,
Exotic and plain…

Lizards and insects

Watching them walk past

Sitting, watching...waiting


aria said...

"Sitting, watching...waiting"

so am I.

however the best line is

"Eminently scything yesterday"

your words stay with me for some time.. even after exiting your page..

etain_lavena said...

You know I love your words....still absolute brilliance.:)

aria said...

where are you? is everything okay?

Molly Bloom said...

Hello there, just been reading your poems and catching up. I just went to Pod's and saw the bobble hat quote. Strange how everything is interconnected in some strange way.

Always mixing your brand of blood and love into a heady concoction.

Sending hugs your wayxx