Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Where did all that time go
I sat to browse
While waters flowed
Falling and filling
Waiting for the overnight stench to dissipate
Sat chilling
A small beer in hand
Waiting sipping

And now…

And now, it’s all so much later
Nearly too late
I want, need, need, want to soak
Soak and chill and sweat
Scalp prickle and skin sheen
Bitter bubbles hitting lips, tongue, throat…

Beer in hand
Book in hand

Make time flow slower…
… or the waters faster.


ish said...

What is worse? Desire without an object ... or an object without desire?

Inconsequential said...

To be unable to desire would be quite bad...but then...

ish said...

There are those interested (emphasis) in their destination. And those interested in their destination(emphasis).

Inconsequential said...

All roads...

aria said...

trust, you are doing well..:)
just dropped by to say hello..
take care.

ish said...

Hi Inc.,
Just missed the anniversary of your last post. :)