Saturday, November 26, 2011


As it makes no difference
It's all done with mirrors and smoke
A ballot's a joke
Ticking a box gives it no credence
All choices are made behind scenes
Where we've never been
And glossed up for masses acceptance

No matter what we say
A greedy few will have their way...


Anonymous said...

Standing in a booth with a stump of pencil
Staring at slogans and boxes and liars
Frowning at the BNP, whose tagline screams
"A vote for democracy," which seems disingenuous.

Agonising, hesitating, procrastinating
Flashbacks to a younger, glibber me moralising
"If you don't vote then you haven't got a say," I say
But what happens when no-one's talking your language?

Anonymous said...

Alternative title "I'll just stick a cross in the box next to the tories to make sure they don't get it" rejected on grounds of being in the wrong register.

Good to have you back.

Inconsequential said...

Indeed - not sure how long this will last - quite sure I'll end up in a white room, so need to vent and air and spew a few more times to let the pressure out...

And X = No why do we vote with an X ?