Thursday, September 28, 2006


‘Twixt thin, pale blue lines,
‘Cross snowy white field,
File black swirls and angles.


Pod said...

hey! i was wondering where you had vanished to. good to see you back. i really like this. it is very intriguing and evocative for me. it makes me imagine many thing and i wish i could say it in a photo. hmm, some inspiration

Inconsequential said...


can you see what it is yet?
(said in a really bad rolf harris impressionistic voice)

oooh, a photo :)
please please please :)

try and make something fit.

cor, if you do that, it'll go so nicely with the drawings Dem did for flatcatmat :)

i like the idea of others filling in the pics for my site.

*bouncing around in gleeful anticipation*

ish said...

It is evocative. Is this a riddle, inconsequential? One old version is "black the script, white the field, one who sows has great learning." Yours must be writing on note paper.

Inconsequential said...

Ish - I hadn't meant it to be a riddle, but yes, it could be, and if it was, you got it correct.


It was really one of those blank moments, where I feel I have to write something, but have no germ, no seed, no idea what-so-ever, and I sit and stare and end up writng what I see, which is oft the page in front of me....