Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6,2 in and 7,4 on the floor.

Thirty-eight and one, thirty-eight and one,
Down the line it goes,
Thirty-eight and one,
Gimme two to make a three,
Down the line, Thirty-eight and one,
Forks up, in, out, down,
Nine and two,
Forth and back, down the line,
Gimme fours, shunt ‘em in,
Thirty-eight and one,
Down the line it goes,
Last batch! Onions!
Yeah, that’shallot!


Pod said...

didnt we do them at taylors?

Cocaine Jesus said...

excellent conclusion.

Inconsequential said...

Pod - yeah, handballing trailer loads off the deck, into those big boxes, that was a shit job, and it smelt funny....still have worse memories of doing the natmix though.

CJ - thankyou, and i'll get back to reading your stuff soon, you do some excellent pieces, I know I have mentioned it else where, but the bird tongue one has really stuck in my head :)
one of the best short pieces I have read for a long long time.

Pod said...

what was natmix? those littel rat shit things? or hyacinth? they were just awful!! ooh im itchin atthe thought o'it!

Anonymous said...

I like it. It reads great. What is it?

Inconsequential said...

Pod - natmix was the half tonne crates of assorted daffodils.
first you had to collect 7million 25k sacks of various types, then split 'em all into the big tub and kinda mix 'em up, all done outside in sun... I prefered an hour or two in the hyacinth shed.

rethabile - it's a piece about loading a trailer at the place I work, 38 cages and one return, all stuck on in batches of four, except three across the back to level it off for strapping and barring :)
title refers to nightly intake, off peak we had about 2500 items a night, at the moment we are doing around 6000...'tis a little hectic :)

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I really rather enjoyed that one Inc. Nice rhythm, and industrial feel. Cool.