Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Such is ...

Take from me, my emotions,
They only get in the way.
Take from me, my soul,
As it flutters and clutters things up.
Take from me, my life,
As, what is it worth?,
Without soul and emotions.


Anonymous said...

Emotions, soul, wealth. None of us handle wealth very well, particularly our own.

Inconsequential said...

true, though I wasn't really refering to financial worth :)

Life's worth with emotions or soul, or however one wishes to see the interaction 'twixt folk ? empathy?
damn, just remembered empathy...that'll be the sleepy head shutting down :(

anyway, errr, yeah, life is worthless without emotion.
we'd be a hive like thing or automatoms or whatever...sorry had a line of thought, but it's worn off...next time i'll buy a bigger bag!...

and off he goes....rambling the sleepless pathways, heading for the wooden hill...

l8rz...before i type something really abstract.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I tried it for about five years, Inc. You get used to it. You can hide like a caddisfly larva in the numbers and formulae and pretty soon you find that fairly quickly you could probably pass the Turing Test.

You smile when someone jokes, you reassure the meek at the appropriate moment, and you can constuct elaborate arrangements of objects in pleasing ways. I even found I was able to be sincere about things.

The only tell tale signs were the shark eyes I had when seen in the mirror, and a complete inability to read anything at all technical because it contained no new information.

Things change. It works well as a sort of emotional hibernation though.

Anonymous said...

man thats just too good.
that poem even has logic !!

Pod said...

hope the strom settles soon. dont disappear for too long. take it easy


Pod said...

what a strom is i do not know? i have been mispelling all day. must be the full moon!


Inconsequential said...

lol, shows i'm tired, i usually pick up on the typos :)