Monday, December 04, 2006

Tomorrow will be worse.

Sitting, waiting, watching.
Fuggy headed due to working late,
Physically drained, mentally dulled,
Waiting for food to cook.
Hoping to be alert enough,
Not to receive burnt offerings.
Wanting to fill the time,
Writing or reading,
But out of unread books,
And stumped for ideas.


Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Am I right in thinking you work nights a lot Inc? Do you get the red and green spots in your vision when you're really tired?

Inconsequential said...

Yup, a night shifter am I. tend to find my body just shuts down, and then I have a rough idea of how a zombie feels...and yet, I still function.

Currently doing six nights per week.
upto 10 hour shifts.
very physical very draining.

still only two weeks to go! then i'm on holiday, then, when i go back, it's back to the basic five nights at eight hours.

Pod said...

i am reading a million tiny pieces by james frey at the mo....a bit heavy but good so far.....