Friday, December 15, 2006

Note from my daughter.

To Dad,
You are not normal,
And I love you that way.
Because if you were normal,
I wouldn’t like it that way.

Love Adelaide.


Cocaine Jesus said...

my youngest daughter wrote this wonderful piece about me for her school's home work. wonderful that is until you got to the end.
it said some flattering stuff all of which suckered me in.

'my dad is a good looking man of 52. he doesn't have any grey hairs and is still young looking. he is quite tall and has all his own hair and has a big nose.'

er...thanks hon.

Inconsequential said...


that's children for you :)
so cutting.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

From my five year old son (left folded on my bedside table)...

"To dad. You smell and are a bastard and I hate you. From Sasha."

Sasha is his older sister by the way. So he got to turn the knife in my gut and implicated his big sister in the process.

One day I hope he'll be a very successful business man in Marketing or something.


Anonymous said...

Can't think of many things I value more than the friendship of my kids.

Anonymous said...

When they were young, my kids had similar attitudes to this post and the one following. Now they're young adults and we're the best of friends. Long journey, but SO worth it.