Saturday, December 16, 2006


Sat watching, waiting,
During a long drawn out twilight,
Watching skies bruise and darken
Feeble glows of first lit street lights
Not long to wait now.

Time to prepare, to dress to kill,
A relaxing shower, a thorough shave,
Smear on the odourless deodorant,
Crisp black slacks, slim fit, new bought,
New t-shirt, new black top,
New shoes to top off with.

A final glance in the mirror,
Looking good.
Time to go.

Let the hunt begin.


Anonymous said...

Odourless, in black ... the hunter seeks anonymity? It's a bit unnerving, inc. The ‘showered’ and ‘new’ bits give an edge to the suggested darkness. Of course an innocent sequel would be disarming.

Inconsequential said...


Thanks Ish, was hoping to be ambiguous with this one.

Those that read my feeble attempts will, hopefully, think it's a bit sinister, where as I'm hoping that those that don't will assume it's some guy out on the pull :) or somesuch, was aiming for gender ambiguity too, but I think it comes out's the shaving...though i suppose it could mean shaving legs....

as a side note, Yay! holiday time :)
no more work 'till jan 2nd!!!
I need this soooo much!

Winters said...

A fine piece of predatorial verse, Inc.

It's a jungle out there. :)

Anonymous said...

Soak up the rest inc. I wish you one superb holiday! :-)
Off to Thailand tomorrow. My daughter-in-law is doing a medical prac at the leprosy hospital in Chiang Mai plus we will courier materials for friends in Burma who work with street kids.

Inconsequential said...

though, i have to confess to preferring the word vacation :)
though holiday has been generally accepted as not really meaning holy day, or holy festival, since early 1800's...

Good luck and safe journeys whilst off walkabout in thialand etc, you're proving to be a very philanthropic person.
Shame more folk are not as you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... just reading over you comments... your style suggested sinister to me... but isn't that the same as a guy out on the pull??

Anonymous said...

I took it to be a woman at first, but then after reading the comments and reading the poem again, I agree it does come out male. I'm going to even go with vampire, what with the waiting for nightfall, although maybe that doesn't work with looking in the mirror?! Anyway, a fun, if a little sinister poem.
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog, btw.

giggles said...

I'm seeing a Johnny Cash look going on!! Jesting of course! Short and very sweet scribbling!!
Well done and fun!

Peace and giggles

Anonymous said...

This is fun- playfully sinister!

(wrote that before I saw the comments)- yes the bruising sky,etc. sinister throughout. I didn't even try to guess the sex of the person. I didn't think that was important.

Have a great break! (I've still got a few more days and, theoretically, I am always on call- but my choice, so it's all good). . .

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thanks for your sweet comment!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating piece. I think you got ambiguous perfectly. At different points, I thought man and then later woman and then didn't know.

twilightspider said...

I really liked this too - and I also got a bit of the vampire feel from it, though I did think that it was a female "hunter". Nicely done.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I hope you avoided the "no dads" Inc!

I bet you look wonderfully dapper.