Sunday, December 17, 2006


Look in the mirror
A child says
You can see wolf cubs
Look in the mirror


Anonymous said...

in reply to your comment on my blog. i feel that i should say congratulations, because that's what people feel the need to say when there's going to be a wedding. but i feel like that's missing the point. the anticipation is different for you than it is for me. i have known a man for 9 months, and i know he's for me, and we're going to get married (although how it all happened i'm unsure, because i tend to be against marriage as an institution... hmmm). you will also be married, after 12 years and a 6 year old. but both of us are in a situation where we know who we want... what we want... and we're embarking on a new adventure. i don't think congratulations is necessarily the right words. but i do wish you all the best. it's a wonderful thing (i think) to find someone who you truly want to spend your life with. who truly wants to spend it with you. i hope you are happy and that you smile every day.... merry christmas

Pod said...

love the brevity opening up a whole world of wonder.....reminds me very much of little pod

SimonHolyHoses said...

Bash bong smash.

Inc. I hardly know you, but I wish you all well. All three of you.

There are many unhappy people out here. You should just smile at us amd get on with your life.