Monday, December 18, 2006

Comments can create

Are secrets kept
With nod and winks
Is all as it appears
Not as I think?

Aah, the clouded veils
Shrouded truths
Wondering pondering
What construes proof?


giggles said...

hmmm very covert....some more than others!


Anonymous said...

Anais Nin once said something like, "We see things not as THEY are but as WE are."

Who knows what someone else means? Most of the time I barely know what I mean.

Inconsequential said...

ooh, I like that Anais Nin thing.

Thanks for the comments :)

Anonymous said...



Novel Nymph said...

Don't we all love Anais?

Thanks for the comment on my blog that led me to yours and the extremely insightful secret piece...

How did you get in my mind?

SimonHolyHoses said...

Turn that skirt around and watch the man hang!