Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bloody Monkeys.

Ok, so this doesn't quite read right, and is full of holes etc, but it's been running round my head going nowhere, so I slapped it down, churned it out. I guess you'll get the point. I just wish I could have worded it better :( But then again, I never claimed to be good at this stuff :) Feel free to rip it to shreds.
Monkey see, monkey do,
And that’s the problem,
And that’s the reason,
For medias’ exploitation,
Not violence in games,
Or violence in films,
It’s the adverts.
We know games are fantasies,
We know films are lies,
Just like a fish story,
A mate would tell at a pub,
Holding arms as wide as can be,
We know he sits by a canal,
Smokes a few cigarettes,
And downs a few beers,
Catches old condoms,
If he catches anything at all,
Fish? They’ve been dead for years.
It’s adverts, huge lies,
Run quicker in these shoes,
Get sex with this smell,
Gain friends with this phone,
A perfect family has this TV,
This sofa, this that, that this,
Tat upon tat upon tat.
Not quite so endless trees, chopped and processed,
To send offers of loans, offers of credit cards,
To let us buy more now,
Never catch up and pay later.
Consolidating your debt?
How dumb we must be.
All that wasted energy,
Theirs in creating,
Ours in trying to ignore,
Wasted fossil fuels,
Wasted trees,
Wasted time.
Where will it go? Here’s an option,
So we re-mortgage, get loans,
Dodge tax, little frauds,
Dodgy deals, petty crime,
Get into scuffles, a mugging or two,
Climbing the criminal ladder,
For faster cash, more and more,
Faster cash, one step ahead of the law.
To buy that TV, those shoes,
That smell…


Pod said...

i stood in the post office today (to send molly's gift to be precise) and i looke dat all the shit xmas crads, and i thought about all the trees slashed to make a bunch of utter crap that will be on special in a few days and still not get sold. it is disgusting

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

You might think your words not to be good enough, Inc., but you convey your meaning perfectly.

I hate all the litigious stuff too: "where there's blame there's a claim."

People with a genuine complaint; fair enough. But you just know that for every real case their will be another frivolous and vexatious chancer, strapped for a bit of cash at xmas, with the false hope of a nice payout; a cash settlement to settle the case out of court rather than having to go through all the trouble.

jason evans said...

I'm intrigued.

You dig at the underlayers of life with your poetry.

I hope your visits will become less rare. ;)

prepwdb7 said...

nice! i really liked this one

Chris said...

Advert eyes (or "Warning: your home may be at risk if you do not meet payments secured on your property.")

I close my eyes and hear the sound of waves;
I feel the angst of years slowly recede.
This offer sounds like bliss, I think, it saves
Me money, me time, my life. Just what I need.

The company seem genuine to me
And Carol Vorderman - she reckons that.
She may have tak'n a third at 'Varsity,
But the numbers game is hers in seconds flat.

So goodbye to all my worries and my strife.
I'll get the loan that floats upon that sea,
I'll not subsist, I'll start to live my life:
Control my debt, not let it control me.

And the great news is they say I get to go on holiday and get a new car and treat myself to something special.

Something special.

Thanks Carol.

Chris said...

Not hugely happy with that of course, but I leave the real poetry to the people who have talent.

I did like this one, Inc. I can see why you are unhappy (it is your work and your privilege to be so!) but I think it needs less polishing than you think.

The monkey obsession is concerning though, and must stop! :o)

Inconsequential said...

Hey chris, that is cool.
It works for me anyhow :)

And you're right, maybe I should leave poetry for those with talent :) as I'm sticking to my guns with my oft repeated statement that I ain't got any.

The monkey thing?
Are we not monkeys?
Are we not all banging away on our typewriters?
Not knowing if we create Shakespeare
And if we did
Some other monkey would sit and chew it.

I'll keep my monkey man, it's that or select and more abusive term the the mass of wankers called humans.

Chris said...

In answer to your question elsewhere, you may indeed. It would be my pleasure.

Can I ask where you found me? I don't know you do I? (Wracks brains to think of people in Northampton...! Do you frequent Bar Soviet?!) I have been wondering, and seem to remember you left me a bleak comment (!) about the nature of life on one of my more tongue-in-cheek pieces, but have no idea of the lead-up to that?

Anyway, just a wonder.

Not important, but something I hadn't thought of until just recently.

Keep up the good work.

And be less modest! If you want to be famous (something that looks incredibly unlikely if I can hazard a guess) then you must cultivate a flamboyant arrogance!