Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Prequal Part 1 - Origins

The boy stared at the smouldering corpse,
And wondered why it didn’t move.
After all, actors died in every film,
To appear again and again and again,
And in every game, you just reload,
And kill ‘em again and again and again,

No movement from the corpse.
Except the drifting wisps of smoke,
Rising like the fleeing soul,
To spread and dissipate in the air above.

Revelation occurs.
Of inevitable inevitability,
Of how fragile life truly is,
How easily the fickle finger’s whim,
Pushes down, as a child on an ant.

A truth, dawning in the young boys mind,
Actors, a thousand faces, a thousand lies
Truth is singed flesh,
And blood tears from fading blue eyes,
All framed in a quiet wood.
Soul smoke drifting away,
Perfume of roasted biker,
All singed hair, burnt flesh,
With hints of leather, petrol and petuli,
Wood sap and leaf juice,
Scraped earth, mulch, and crushed fern.

The boy squats, takes a handful of decaying leaves,
And bites, and chews and spits,
Tasting life, knowing death.
He sits, with his new mindset and watches,
Until, seeming eons later, they find him,
And her,
And take him away,
But she will never leave him.


Nothingman said... spooky "inevitable inevitability"!! great use of words! and the comparison with video games....well...i relate ....good job

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Inc, are you revisiting a theme here. We've had a searing biker accident in the past.

Interesting stuff. Do we undervalue or overvalue life?

On one hand it is so easily lost or despatched that you have to feel it is worthless. So many lives are spent like pennies in the general currency of existance, especially in the third world. Marching like sneetches through McMonkey McBeans star-on-star-off machine. From oblivion, through this moment of light, back into oblivion, like social insects en masse and underfoot. Factory fodder. Plenty more where that lot came from.

As you say, we're monkey men. I can almost smell the rot and decay of being alive. Temporary suspension of disbelief. Smelly rotting monkey thing in the scrub, red amorph and wet hair. Flies. Inquisitive young poke and run from the fly-blown swell of belly. How can we value something that is rotting from birth, scarred like original-sin.

But then a moment of introspection confirms that life is the only thing of value. A look in the eye of a child. The shared horror of fear and tears. The gulping swoon of tragedy. The chime of the voice of someone we love. Life is everything: invaluable.

You know, I think it comes down to the old collective/individual thing again - the thing that allows war, racism, evil. "Them or us" or "me and you".

When you treat monkeys as "them" you condone those things and life becomes a cheap currency. Treated as individuals, racism, cruelty, torture become unthinkable. Life becomes something valued and respected.

Inconsequential said...

ES - part and parcel, hence prequal for title.
goes with the dead girl, well, follows on from really, so a prequal and a part 2...

dead girl goes with the 3 - threads of damage, dog end etc...

i'm hoping it'll all sit together on my web pages, and that they'll work together...then again, maybe they wont...

It's Ish's fault, he mentioned something about stories and verse, but not prose, at least I don't think he meant prose.

oh, I agree, the masses as individuals are ok, well, some of them...but as a whole, mankind really should be killed off...
ok, maybe a little extreme, perhaps just thinned down to a managable about, 50?
10? hmmm...nope, 0 it is.

the price of a life? nothing, they're free. a few calories spent, and there you go, life is created. so I suppose, if you pay for the calories, what a donut? maybe a bar of chocolate? call it 50p.

not sure of original sin either.
as a non christian, i don't feel responsible for some dumb fucks actions. they were told not to, but they did it anyway...
hmmm, just like any normal person really :)
as for the monkey thing, we are all monkeys, there are no THEM monkeys, just stupid pokey pokey booom monkeys.
oh, nature has torture, cruelty, forms of racism, etc, so why should we be different. the only difference being, animal don't seem to think about it afterwards, or broadcast it for everyone to see on television...

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Lots of food for thought there Inc.

On your last point I think nature also differs from us-monkeys in that it doesn't generally do cruelty purely for fun.

Off now until after xmas, so nothing more remains other than to wish you a good one, and hope that festivities don't treat you too harshly. Take care matey!