Thursday, December 21, 2006

Prequal Pt 2 - Revelation

After therapy, with its repetitive,
And transparent assurance of non guilt,
The boy resumes his normal life.
If a little more withdrawn than before,
He knew he wasn’t to blame,
He knew it was an accident,
He knew it was the fickle finger,
Poking out another life,
Pushing it through to the other side.

And so he bumbled along.
Until puberty when hormonal explosions
Cause partial forgetfulness by turmoil,
And everyone finally thought he was over it all.
He had the usual lusts, and tantrums, and traumas,
Had a rebellion in music, in clothes,
Stamped his individuality on the world.
In the brash manner of a teen,
Away to university he went.

And during university, she returns,
Fully fledged, inevitable, an ever presence,
Mental smoke wisps, coalescing never dissipating,
Scented with petuli and pork, leather and woodland soils,
And so began a spiral,
Of apathy, self neglect, self abuse.
So he fails university.
Can’t keep a job.
Can’t form relationships.
Can’t maintain a house, a flat, a room.
And so by age thirty he’s living in a sewer,
Looking like he’s sixty,
Know to various transients,
As Mulch Mouth.

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