Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bugs and Rugs...

There is no meaning to this piece/s just me messing with words, though if you do manage to read something into it, let me know :)
Proud as a peacock, cold as ice,
Fast as greased lightning, quick as a wink
Fine as a fox, free as a bird,

Fit as a fiddle, strong as an ox,
High as a kite, happy as a lamb,
Solid as a rock, tough as nails.

Cute as a button, quiet as a mouse,
Right as rain, dry as a bone,
Sharp as a tack, sly like a fox.

Smooth as silk, easy as pie,
In like Flynn, larger than life,
Clear as a bell, plain as day.

Mad as a hatter, working like a dog,
Deaf as a post, dumb as a doorknob,
Sick as a dog, dead as a doornail.


megan said...

wordplay IS meaning

Novel Nymph said...

How did you mange such clever juxtaposition? I am stumped as to what I am going to come up with...

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

On Doctor Who they had "smart as paint" which was lovely and "period", because we don't have shiny paint any more do we?

Inconsequential said...

we do :)
2 shiney purple bedroom walls, with a little sparkle added :)