Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here I am

More messin' wif words...
Here I am, an average Joe,
Average height and average build,
A 70-kilogram mass,
Mostly oxygen, 43 kilos of it
A 16 kg chunk of carbon
Hydrogen massing 7k’s
A hint of calcium, well comparatively,
A whole kilo of it,
And 1.8 kg of nitrogen.

The rest you ask, how astute to notice,
The missing; 780 grams of phosphorus,
And 140g of both sulphur and potassium,
Sodium at 100g with 95g of chlorine,
Snippet of 19g magnesium and sprinkling of iron 4.2g,
2.6g fluorine, 2.3g of zinc, silicon at a single gram,
Then dribbles of rubidium .68g, strontium .32g, bromine .26g,
Finally .12g of lead.
Here I am, a 70-kilogram mass.

What? You want the rest?
The copper and aluminium, cadmium and cerium
The barium and iodine, tin and titanium
Boron and nickel, selenium, chromium and manganese,
Arsenic, lithium, cesium, mercury, germanium, molybdenum,
Cobalt, antimony, silver, zirconium and niobium!

But wait I have more to offer,
I have yet to mention lanthanium, gallium, tellurium,
Yttrium, and bismuth.
I’m not making these up you know,
They’re all part and parcel,
Along with, deep breath now…
There! That’s all I am, just as you,
An average human.


ish said...

For all that, you're greater than the sum of your parts.

Inconsequential said...

I do find it odd that when broken down like this, none of the parts seem to imply life. It gives me to wonder that life exsists at all...

Could almost have me believing in miracles... :)

ish said...

You wouldn't be in bad company if you did. :-)
An analogy I've read is the electronic sign flashing words and images. There's an exhaustive explanation of the science and circitry that entirely misses the message and meaning.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I really rather like that, Inc

Pod said...

and a dashing of lurve......

Inconsequential said...

Pod the ever romantic at heart :)
I should come over and run my fingers through your hair and hope that some rubbed off on me...
but I won't because people would say nasty things about us, and it's a hell of a long way to go...
actually the distance thing is the problem, I really don't give a fink about what people say :)

Pod said...

yes who cares what they think. have a virtual run through my golden dawn perhaps when it is at its most potent

...ooh that sounds a bit funny