Monday, January 01, 2007

A Character

She had to get in first,
By hook or by crook.
She’d always done things her way,
Independent, wilful, stubborn, impulsive,
A right character!

So it was no surprise,
When she plummeted from a tree,
After swarming up with simian grace,
To untangle a kite from grasping greenery.
Headstrong, but alas, not strong headed.


ish said...

Clever, coherent, funny ... great ending. Altogether one of your best. Did you consciously shape the lines like a tree? And is the girl OK? :-)

Inconsequential said...

I have to say, if it's taken in my usual idiom, the girl should be dead, but to be honest, as an object lesson, it matters not wether she is or isn't merely that she fell.

I have to confess, the shape is accidental, i have occasionally forced the words into shapes, which can work when everything is centred, again my preferred style...
I do like pieces to 'look' as well as read...though i'm not sure of what they should look like...

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Monkey :) Or, rather, apey.

I used to climb trees in the lanes and farmland of Leicestershire as an Eleuktrette. I was bad - I used to nick finch eggs from horse-hair-nests, and bounce like a monkey man up there. Mostly in ash trees but also hawthorn with all its scratchy blood letting lines of scarlet on the arms and legs.

The true simian destiny for tree fallers is, of course, to be devoured by cave lions, with characteristic puncture marks in the skull from the lion's fangs. Dragged away for a meal.

Fatalistically, perhaps to be discovered by Leakey some two million years later in a pit in Africa. Cast in stone. Fossil man. More lastingly famous than any pop idol. Concrete boned.

Fossil footprints are the best. Imprints of life rather than death. And those roman roof tiles with the footprints of dog or cats. I love those. Soft red clay left out in the sun to harden. The dog inadvertantly steps out into them, and recieves a torrent of artisan abuse.

Dog wonders what the fuck it is doing wrong and bolts right across all the tiles, simians shouting and stick waving behind it. Dog mistake preserved for two millenia, and ends up in a museum cabinet, where I chuckle and wipe a tear at the pity, the unfathomable gulf, and the beauty of the shortness of time that any of us have here.

Clay tiles have so much more purchase on existance than us. I love that it's beautiful. It's why we are like angels.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

And, of course, my typos are quite as lovely and important as those two thousand year old pet prints in tiles and bricks. Eternal evidence of a moment's fuck up. Wondrous.

Thanks for all the thoughts this piece gave me, Inc. Quite a trip for me.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

And it is delightful that leopards have the skull shape that they have now because it fits perfectly around the skull of an australopithicus.

Sorry! Turning into a comment rant pig.


Inconsequential said...

ES - I think i'm gonna restructure your long comment and stick it up a poem thing :)

it's very good that way, it's a good ranty comment.

Thanks :)

oh, and I hope you don't mind me doing so :)