Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Comprachico Visits

Aah, comprachico,
What joys do you bring?
Something you found?
To amuse and delight?
Or one of your own,
To fill us with fright?
Shall we pop to a village,
And arrange a trade?
Oh wonderful comprachico,
What will it be?
A purchase from you,
Or a sale to thee?


Inconsequential said...

Just to clarify, here is the explanation of comprachico that I found that inspired me...

Comprachico - A person who buys and sells children after deforming them.

When I googled it to see how easy it was for folks to find, it came up with a few other things...feel free to take a look, but I liked? the one above...(sounds wrong that, doesn't it...)

Sir Graves Ghastly said...

Ghastly, simply ghastly.

JDA said...

Oh hello...Inconsequential! as we are making conversation through the comment box I thought I'd say Hi on 'home soil' as it were! so.....Hi.....jif

Inconsequential said...

hello :)

hope you find a poem thing that you like round here somewhere :)

JDA said...

I'll have a rummage round.

etain_lavena said...

it is always give and take....he takes(deform)...and then gives it away(sells)....gosh