Saturday, January 27, 2007

Interest to Obsession

He sits aquiver amongst his trove,
Awaiting a knock, a signal to rise,
And eagerly attend a nearby portal,
To collect his next addition.

It began at school,
A lesson of London 1666,
Boring facts of a bakery in Pudding lane,
And the damage done.

A saving grace, the records of Samuel,
Pepys’ peep into surrounding world,
This was of interest, and began an obsession,
A collecting of works.

So Pepys led to Frank led to Shirer,
Ma Yan, Nin, Tynan, Boswell, and Burney.
Also many others, including Evelyn, Gide, Swift and Wolf.
And of course The Oera Linda.

So now he sits with eager trembling,
Awaiting a delivery of Thomas Vincent's
God's Terrible Voice in the City, written in 1667
Sort of completing a circle for his chronicle illness.


Sam Special said...

You did take her the first time in my life, sobra mi genu and did poner mi mano sub her jupes and tocu su thigh.

Inconsequential said...


Liza's Eyeview said...

I am quite intrigued by this one...

Sam Special said...

Peep in Pepys. Take a peak, er, peek.

Novel Nymph said...

This poem made me salivate...

ish said...

How hilarious that you have taken an illness tack too. Perhaps the obsessions that come to posess us are intergal to humanity. Almost as ubiquitus as ragweed.
Did you do a bit of trolling for titles/authors inc., or are these books off your own shelves? It just twigged, I bet they are all chroniclers!

Paris Parfait said...

Quite an interesting twist on Samuel Pepys' and his diaries and chronicling life in London.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I've always been curious about those diaries--thanks for piquing my interest again. Cool poem.

Inconsequential said...

Generic thanks for all your comments :)

Novel - I'll get you a bib...

Ish - :) You went with physical, I with mental, I wonder if that says something of our natures?
Yes, I spent a brief tour of the net looking for some extra diarists, I knew Pepys, frank and shirer from school, and swift and vincent. The Oera Linda I found recently and was intrigued, shall have to read up a little more on it.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I spend as much time making sense of your work as I do on any other obscure poem I read. Now you got me doing research too, just to find out who those guys are that you mentioned. :) I feel kinda out of the loop on this one, tho.

gautami tripathy said...

This is very interesting. Took me to the olden times. Refreshing my history.


KG said...

Your short poem has intrigued and introduced me to a world of writers about which I know nothing. Powerful, pithy.

etain_lavena said...