Saturday, January 13, 2007


With frustration mounting,
He shuffled and twisted and turned,
And came up with IKLM,
Twisting, shuffling, sliding, and gliding,
Merely brought him LIKM.
Frustration grows and cheeks redden,
Pick, push, pull, place proceeded,
And produced KIML then KLIM,
As his eyes started to well,
And brow furrows deepen,
Bottom lip atremble,
A sharp and frantic scrabbling,
Resulted in MILK!
Overwhelming relief and satisfaction.

After all,
No point,
In getting worked up,
Split Milk…


ish said...

A pleasure to read. Yesterday we bought a jig-saw puzzle for a child, each piece, a letter of her name. Is the MILK based on something like that?

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Very clever! I really dislike word scrambles (probably because I'm not very good at them) however, I did come up with MILK halfway through (all hope is not lost!) Cheers, JP

Novel Nymph said...

You are absolutely fearless with words! I am always in awe here...

...and you could never shatter my perception of you. Your profile is just so bare. Mine is too, but yours is even barer!;)

BTW I like having you in as ...


Inconsequential said...

Ish - It's a play on a mistype of spilt milk, as in no use crying over. I read a poem of Novel Nymph's and it sparked something, so I wrote spilt milk, meaning to follow up the spark, alas I wrote down split, not spilt, and it set me off on the piece that is :)
I have forgotten what the other was going to be, which is quite frustrating...

JP - Glad you enjoyed it, and anagrams are easy with only 4 letters :)

Novel - I should thank you for the inspiration of this piece, and one day I might just do that :)
So what do you want to know?
Maybe you should tell me what you think you know, and i'll tell you if you are right...

as for my profile, well, that's quite accurate, I was once {Minion}... and in a few places probably still are...

Kamsin said...

No use crying over split, or spilt milk! Very nice post!

SimonHolyHoses said...

Hah hah. More surprise endings Inc. Cool