Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sub-Part B - Scarred Girl (Fragment)

Scarred Girl,
Of miscellaneous age,
An art form of self damage.

Reasons upon reasons,
But understood by none,
Not even herself.

Most is due to the noise,
Repetitive white noise spike.
Vinyl crackle on the sound track of her mind.

Each cut an hours relief,
A years worth of reprieve etched on skin.
A six thousand line engraving.

An art form of self damage,
Of miscellaneous age,
Scarred Girl.


giggles said...

This heavy poem evoked more than a few goose bumps. So sad but well put the way you write!

You have no email link. I was wondering if perhaps you would have joined us ladies in our four A.M. gatherings, scurrying us to safety, or would you catch us and burn us at the stake? Tee – hee! Night shift is rough!

Peace and giggles

Inconsequential said...

No external net connection at work :(

probably for the best though, as i'd probably never leaves the office, and thus get sacked :)

Novel Nymph said...

You never cease to amaze me--I wonder where your inspiration comes from...

...what is the minion?!

Love the

vinyl crackle of the soundtrack of her mind...brilliant my friend--you are!

Inconsequential said...

Thanks Novel, this one was going to be longer, as it was meant to be expanding upon a character involved in a longer set of linked pieces...

Mulch Mouth

feel free to have a browse :)

Inconsequential said...

unfortunately I got somewhat stuck, so I cheated and wrapped it up by inverting the first part...

Might try again sometime when she gets in my head again...