Monday, January 22, 2007

Sociopathic Misogynist

I feel this one needs a little clarifier, I sometimes like to ask people for a random word or two, it's a thing I picked up from a wonderful writer called Molly Bloom. The idea being that you use the words as I asked and was given the two words above by a student who was doing some temp work with us, and the piece below emerged shortly after...
I'd like to say, emphatically, that it does not represent my views of women or my actions toward them.
Some do,
Some don’t,
Some will,
Some won’t.
Those that do,
Are whores to use,
Those that won’t,
Are for rape and abuse.
Those that struggle,
And fight,
Are best subdued,
With fists and bites.
Those that break free,
And run for their life,
Are taken down,
And peeled with a knife.


Shelley said...

Cool in a very creepy kind of way.

Thanks for your visit and kind comment on my Sunday Scribblings post... taking that picture of the back of the bus was a terrific moment of transforming stress into art... suddenly, instead of being stuck in traffic, I was composing a mini-essay!

Love me these internets... :-)

Brood Mode said...

That was eerie to read,
Even worse to comprehend (maybe it's coz i'm a woman)