Sunday, January 21, 2007

of mine friend

A dog had once I
Of coat sleek russet and snow
Witch wood left eye
Right eye seas
Didst heel trudging follow he
Deadwood cast off chase for me
Hearth warm foot curl evenings be.


Penelope said...

"Witch wood left eye
Right eye seas"

I love that. I don't know why, but I just do.

"Hearth warm foot curl evenings be."

That makes me think of Hannibal, my kitty. Brings to mind all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Novel Nymph said...

Good grief where do you get your inspiration from? You go places I have never even imagined--until I have had you my friend!;)

I am better for the journey too...

White Forest said...

gud one!
To me sounds like pretty old style of writing poetry!

wat style is this btw ?

tania said...

very nice departure from your usual language. not that you have a usual language, oh you know what i mean.

like how these last few poems have really shown your diversity of style.

Alexandra G said...

Do you have an email? I wanted to send you a private email but I can't since I don't have your address. Mine is Thanks!

Inconsequential said...

Novel - Inspiration comes from a stick, a piece of material, weather, a glanced word, a misheard word, a lyric in a song, a corpse in the gutter...well, anything is an inspiration :)
Just choose a random thing, and use it...

White - As fas as I know it's not a recognised style, i just wanted to avoid the usual flow of words and see what happened 'I once had a dog' sounds a bit boring...doesn't it?

Tania - this one isn't so far removed :) it is about a Dead dog... but yes, I thought I ought to do a few pieces with murder, death, psychosis etc, just so people didn't think I was a sociopath or's all part of the disguise :)
If you have a spare minute or two there are about 200 of my shit poems? (I still can't think of them as poems) here...


although, I am quite pleased with 'accidents happen' if you find it amongst that lot :)

Inconsequential said...

bugger, typo,

pieces 'with' murder - should be 'without'....