Saturday, January 20, 2007


Bright day, light day, good day,
A stroll, to a local market,
Nods and smiles, vegetables to purchase.
Pacing back and forth,
Pushing and pulling,
Seeking weak points in the cage.
Old friends greeted, news of doings,
Talk of holiday to come and done,
People seen, and absent associates.
Firm stance and grip,
Muscles tensing, straining,
Is that a slight bow? A weak bar…
Next stop a bookshop, for a …
Bright read, light read, good read,
Pleasant browsing amongst kindred spirits.
More pressure brought to bare,
A widening? Yes!
Strain and grunt, progress made.
Heading home through sunny town centre,
A little window shopping,
More faces familiar, more information exchanged.
A final rend, a mighty bend, a gap gained,
Out out OUT!
To run amok.
Bright day, warm day, sweaty day,
A moment taken, leaning forehead on
Cool glass shop window, under stripy awning,
Eyes drawn and focusing on contents within
Four foot crowbar calling,
Fist swinging, glass shattering,
Hand bleeding, but firmly grasping.
Surprised annoyed ironmonger,
Spouting senseless noise.
Bright swing, heavy swing, good swing!
Ironmonger, first to fall,
The first
Of many…


JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Very amusing on your meme comment on my post. Glad you contributed!

Pod said...

great idea...i understand. you are on a roll young man...thanks so much for my poems...i feel the honour