Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Own Personal Trinity

The consciousness,
The subconscious,
The body.

Consciousness, sits confused in the middle,
Wondering what’s going on, seeking purpose,
Sometimes apathetic, sometimes guiding,
But never truly in control.

Subconscious has a death wish,
Manifesting itself by self neglect, self abuse, risk taking,
Distracting consciousness whenever it can, to further its aims.
Exerting considerable control on its host.

Body, body is vitality, is nature,
Is pure will of self preservation.
Its goal is life, continuation, it too has little control,
But when it does, it does with vengeance.

All three battle on in their manner,
Each one exerting influence.


Jay said...

You pose an interesting tri-chotomy, if you don't mind me making up words here. I know which one I hope wins out.

Inconsequential said...

Life always wins at the moment, but the sub ultimately wins out.
After all, there is no choice, eventually.

miss magic said...

so powerful!! very descriptive

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

controlled by the ID, the ego has no choice but to surrender

etain_lavena said...

The ego does defend the demands and needs between the 3......
Agree subconcious does have a death wish......
It's like a tug a war between the 3.

In, I like!!!

SimonHolyHoses said...