Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog Cut-Up

38 September 2006,
Things have been said.
Grounded Downward,
Drifting, Dappled,
Down from tired feet.
Wrote Inconsequential at school,
A temple. Lonely edifice,
Tall and Burney.
Also many others, including Evelyn, Gide,
Swift and the same, all sides with fright?
Shall we finish? Where?
Do you who read well,
One of your own, psyche,
And below…
To amuse and wanted
Above all sides with fright?
Shall we finish?
Where do I look at 7:17AM
What lurks in the head,
Reclining back,
On all little older,
6 things have edges?
And pushing, plumbing the mirror…
I extend?
Do I look at the Oera Linda.

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