Friday, February 02, 2007

Wasted Gift (thanks JDA)

A blank sheet you say?
For me?
How kind.

I wonder what to put.
Something pithy? Something witty?
Something callow and cruel?
Something bitter and twisted?
A pun? A joke? Some humorous prose?
Wonder which way I’m headed,
No doubt you expect some murder and death,
A scribbled line or two, or three or four,
About burning and cutting and hanging,
But no, a blank sheet you give me,
To use as I will.

I’ve used it to waffle,
And fill,
Some time I had to kill.


JDA said...

I wouldn't say wasted exactly? at least it pulled your mind in a certain direction or into a train of thought that otherwise would've passed you by.

I like the noncommital of it all!

Inconsequential said...


etain_lavena said...

to start Tabula Rasa
to feel, taste, breathe, need, crave, hate, love, please, murder, lust, trust.

Death..start again!

You have a way of making me think differently!