Wednesday, March 07, 2007


See them
Scuttle from shadow to shadow
Twitchy eared and bobbled tail
Gathering in cells to stare down passing traffic
Raised up bodies on haunched hinds
Sinister forelimbs a-dangle
Suspicious groups of three or four
The revolution is upon us
Mixy canisters and gasmasks at dawn.


ish said...

I get a feeling this that goes with the blood flow. Close? Nice work, inc.

Pod said...

ooh this kinda fits with my most recent pic. nice one inc!

Inconsequential said...

Ish - moment of fevered paranoia, had a good ol' dose of man flu, and saw lots of rabbits on the way to work...well, the rest is history, though, i'm not ill now, and the damn things still look a little sinister scuttling about.
Big colony of 'em in a field out back of the warehouse...what's the saying? just 'cos you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you...???


etain_lavena said...

Paranoia plagues us all some or other time in our lives....I know he follows me around.
Chemical warfare......GOSH....look around where, who, what...once again Brilliant:)