Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sugar Water

Pass me another placebo
This one doesn’t work
Symptoms remain the same
Pass me another placebo
Before I go insane


etain_lavena said...

when ever there is something shoking that happens my mom run to get sugar water....no one ever told her that it must have a bit of salt in to make it work...hihi...good poem as always in:)

etain_lavena said...

In I would really love love that from Bjork...but I want to send you my private e-mail addy for that not my blog and MSN one...maybe you can mail me your e-mail on xena_x@hotmail.com
And I will mail you from my other addy that can handle the file...sjoeie...so much explaining:)THANK YOU IN for what you said also I appreciate it LOTS:)

floots said...

love this
i've taken my share of placebos

Jay said...

I think placebos miss the point with me - sugar DOES make me happy.

Pod said...

clever ;0)