Friday, April 13, 2007

It rhymes – it’s a poem!

World did I shun
As I sat by an ocean,
Pondering my option
Thoughts put to motion
Entertaining a notion
Of putting into action
A very soothing lotion
Vodka coke concoction
A wonderful potion
That I really ought to ration
Before impairing function
Ignoring that self caution
I guzzled without suction
Relieved my mental tension
Wandered to a junction
Over near the station
Imbibed another portion
Began to slur my verbal diction
Shouting about this nation
Actions that it does sanction
Caused a little friction
With a local faction
Their taunts may have been Grecian
Or even bloody Martian
As was my negative reaction
So they demonstrated flexion
And then a little torsion
And robbed me of my pension
If we meet again I’ll teach immolation
But I’m hospital bound for a week of traction
And through it all the sun shone


etain_lavena said...

ghee I wrote a rhyming thing the other day I laughed at myself.
This one of yours is kewl:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

This needs to be performed on stage - either poetry or rap would work.

stu said...


this one practically had me in stitches!

Inconsequential said...

Thanks Stu :)

Crafty Green - Feel free to take it away and do something like that with it, just let me know what happens :)

Etain - You should post it up...